2-1/16" 7 Color FUEL LEVEL , WHT ,0-190 Ω/240-33Ω

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  • Size: 2-1/16" 52mm
  • Range: 12V/24V
  • Weight: 0.3kg
  • Packaging size: 10*8*10cm
2-1/16" 7 Color FUEL LEVEL , WHT ,0-190 Ω/240-33Ω


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1. The front cover is 316 stainless steel (corrosion resistance is obviously better than 304).

2. The shell uses PBT+GF20%, the melting point is 220℃, high temperature resistance, chemical and oil resistance.

3. Curved tempered glass (strength is 3~5 times higher than ordinary glass).

4. High-transparency curved PC forms a double-layer anti-fog junction with curved glass structure, anti-fog performance is much higher than single-layer glass coated anti-fogging agent.

5. The dial is made of PC material, high temperature resistance and high elasticity coefficient.

6. Waterproof and dustproof grade IP67.

1. It can match a variety of sensor signals, 0~5V/0.5~4.5V, 4~20mA, any analog signal can also be connected.

2. The instrument comes with an alarm signal, no sensor is required to provide an additional alarm signal.

3. Using high-precision stepping motor, pointer acceleration and deceleration curve movement can be extended motor life.

4. Using high-brightness LED as backlight, high brightness and long life.

5. Accept customer's requirements to customize.

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