KUS 52mm Digital Speedometer - CCSR

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Operating temperature: -40°C ~+85°C

Protection rank : IP67.

Installation dimension: 52mm 

KUS 52mm Digital Speedometer - CCSR


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Product Name: CCSR-BS

Art No: KY08041

Operating voltage: 12V/24V

Fixing dimension: 52mm

Scale Part: 0-4/4

Description: Magnet Movement gauge

Weight: 100g/each one pcs

Resistance output: 0-35MPH

Bezels with black, white plastic and stainless steel can be customized, and faceplate with white, black can be choosed.

MOQ: 20pcs. In the beginning, we can suppose you order small quantity for your test."OEM" can be customized.

Accessories: Installation Instructions; Wires and resistance.

KUS 52mm Digital Speedometer - CCSR

Key Features:

Protection grade is IP67, the whole body is completely waterproof;

Excellent antifogging function;

316 Stainless steel bezel with curved glass;

Convenient Installation by multi-pliug socket connecting way;

Red and yellow dual-color background light can be choosed;

The moving magnet gauge need to connect to extra resistors for 8V-16V working voltage.


Be suitable for all kinds of speed sensors, and display the speed of vehicle or marine

Use moving-magnet principle to drive the needle, featuring good endurance and anti-vibration.

Operating temperature: -40°C ~+85°C

Protection rank : IP67.

Installation dimension: 52mm

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